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  • Gallery of Luxury marble waterjet and carving project

    The stone waterjet medallion & parquet is mainly used for highly end hotels, large shopping malls, luxury villas decoration. It is the most beautiful, elegant and noble decorative product of decoration. Stone waterjet medallion floor tiles is the most common waterjet tiles in the market. It’s used waterjet machine to cut various colors of stones …

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  • Egeo Marine Project – GOIDEN TIMES PLAZA BLOCK A

    Beauty is an eternal topic pursued by human beings, and there is no absolute conclusion and answer. For modern commercial architecture, people’s understanding of “high standard style” has become increasingly diversified, and the combination of art and business is one of them. In this case, the dialogue of “environment & people” has been used as …

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  • DIY Mosaic Pattern – popular choice for the modern house decoration

                     Our New mosaic Series of DIY Mosaic Pattern, we designed some mosaic sheet with same color series with differents patterns, you could use all patterns of this series freely to creat your own wall/floor designs. Current we have 3 color series : Grey, Beige, black&White.     …

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  • Choose and buy marble Mosaic to notice 2 big respects

    Choose and buy marble Mosaic to notice 2 big respects.

    When the purchase should pay attention to whether the same specifications between the particles, the size is the same, each small particle edge is neat, the single piece of Mosaic on the horizontal ground to check whether flat, single piece of Mosaic back whether there is too thick latex layer. Process is rigorous It is …

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  • Small but delicate kitchen Mosaic marble tiles

    Small but delicate kitchen marble Mosaic

    In the kitchen, Mosaic brick is multi-purpose go up in the metope between condole top and ground ark.Small and delicate kitchen Mosaic marble brick, instantly let the monotonous kitchen full of fashion sense, has played an excellent decorative role, waterproof fire performance also played a role in the protection of the house.

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  • Artistic aesthetic toilet Mosaic

    Artistic aesthetic toilet Mosaic brick is neat and beautiful

    The space that Mosaic brick uses most often is toilet, because Mosaic brick pledges not only strong but tough, and waterproof prevent slippery, easy clean, suit the adornment of toilet very much. Mosaic brick is neat and beautiful, give a person with the artistic aesthetic feeling of another kind.No matter be local adornment, still be …

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  • What is marble Mosaic

    What is marble Mosaic?

    Marble mosaics are made of native stone with unique craftsmanship, without the addition of any chemical dyes.Marble Mosaic well retained the stone itself unique plain color, make people this natural marble Mosaic in plain colors and constructed by the natural texture of the perfect space, very natural to forget the reality of the glitz and …

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