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Waterjet medallion, floor tiles, marble carpet

Dimensions:customs size

Material: beige, brown, dark brown,  black marble

Foundation:full body marble laminated

Finish:  polished

Package: solid wooden crates with foam

You can use your marble mosaic medallion tile with any commercial and residential areas, inside and outside of your house or building.

Stone waterjet medallion floor tiles is the most common waterjet tiles in the market. It’s used waterjet machine to cut various colors of stones into any required shapes, and then spliced them with glue.
The stone waterjet medallion & parquet is mainly used for highly end hotels, large shopping malls, luxury villas decoration. It is the most beautiful, elegant and noble decorative product of decoration.

Full body marble medallions thickness available 3/5″, 3/4″. Laminated waterjet marble medallion thickness can be (marble surface+pocelain backing) 5mm+6mm , 7mm+8mm, 7mm+12mm, aluminum backing also available. The waterjet medallion is whole piece laminated, the size over 40″ will be divided in different Segments for package and shipment.

We can customize this mosaic and any of our mosaics. We also offer completely customized mosaics based on your own unique photographs and designs.